The Basic Fishing Training School installations of CEFOPESCAS are now fitted out

20 August, 2019

The Basic Fishing Training School of Angola - whose construction, fitting out and teacher training is being provided by Incatema Consulting & Engineering - now has part of the equipment it needs to start functioning.

The installations have been fitted out with various types of furnishings, extending to the main building, which contains the classrooms, labs, sailing simulator, IT rooms, library, medical service and cafeteria, and to the 12 buildings to be used as student residences, the 24 houses for teachers, the canteen and sports facilities.

This fitting out by Incatema represents a further move forward in the CEFOPESCAS project, which, once it has concluded, will have the capacity to accommodate 300 students who will be instructed in sailing and fishing and obtain a professional training qualification.

For more information about CEFOPESCAS, find us on our Youtube channel.