The Drinking Water Treatment Plant made in Spain arrives in Foundiougne (Senegal)

15 April, 2020

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has sent to the municipality of Foundiougne (Senegal) the Drinking Water Treatment Plant that, once in operation, will allow the city’s inhabitants to obtain bacteria-free desalinated water as part of the water supply project that comprises the construction of various installations in three Senegalese cities (Kédougou, Foundiougne and Dakar), for a total amount of 12.8 million euros.

The Foundiougne purification plant is a compact station for fluoride and chloride treatment with a capacity of 70 m3/h comprising pre-treatment and inverse osmosis, made in Spain. The new Drinking Water Treatment Plant represents a boost for the environmental plan contained within the emergency programme to strengthen and improve the drinking water supply in Senegal and, in turn, implements the necessary measures for mitigating potential environmental and social impacts generated during the construction project.

At the same time, manufacture of the other two plants, for the cities of Kedougou and Dakar respectively, are already fairly advanced and the forecast is to dispatch them to Dakar towards the end of this month of April.

State-of-the-art potable water treatment technology in the fight against COVID-19

Thanks to its vast trajectory using different methodologies applied to the development of water infrastructures, Incatema is working to increase the drinking water supply there where it is most needed, with a view to making this essential element available as a hygiene measure for the prevention and fight against coronavirus, as mentioned by the company’s Director of Infrastructures, Fernando Díaz.

Díaz considers that “Water is a vital resource, not only as a hygiene measure, but also for food production and the social and sustainable development of a country like Senegal, where we support guaranteeing access to drinking water for the entire population. We need to bear in mind that 69% of the Senegalese do not have safe sources of potable water”.

Construction of this Drinking Water Treatment Plant falls within the remit of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal number 6, which relates to increasing water efficiency to provide potable water for the whole of the population, “an objective that we are deeply committed to at Incatema Consulting & Engineering”, adds Díaz.