Water tests underway at the Mirador Norte la Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP)

9 March, 2020

Incatema Consulting & Engineering recently started to commission the Mirador Norte la Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant situated in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, testing the waste water that reaches the installation through the new recently built collectors. This facility will probably be the largest treatment plant in the Caribbean, serving more than 450,000 people in the Greater Santo Domingo area.

As we informed you here, the waste received by the plant is assimilable to urban water, as resulted from the characterisation study conducted by the company. It is therefore suitable for treatment at this facility. Incatema Consulting & Engineering has built the Mirador Norte la Zurza WWTP for the Corporación del Acueducto del Alcantarillado de Santo Domingo. It is a turnkey Project that will improve both the quality of life of Dominicans and the zone’s environment, by reducing pollution of the rivers Ozama and Isabela and the Caribbean Sea, situated one kilometre away from the plant’s outlet.