Work advances on the Cambérène waste water treatment plant in Senegal

5 December, 2019

Almost 52,420 residents of Cambérène district in the city of Dakar, will benefit from the result of the works conducted by Incatema Consulting & Engineering on the local Waste Water Treatment Plant. This turnkey project comprises the design, construction and supply of electromechanical equipment, including functioning tests and commissioning, for the remodelling and extension of the former treatment plant which is still in operation, along with the construction of a new treatment facility.

The foundation works are advancing according to schedule, as is the rehabilitation of the environment surrounding the existing WWTP. The project’s construction was agreed to last October with an initial budget of 32 million euros, financed by the Islamic Development Bank, and will have an average treatment capacity of 92,000 cubic metres per day with a peak capacity of 101,000 cubic metres per day.

Incatema is placing at the client’s disposal all of its expertise in waste water treatment and its commitment to sustainable development and the environment by using self-sufficient systems and techniques, so that the WWTP can self-supply with the aim of reducing contamination in the north of Dakar city. The team for this project comprises professionals including engineers, economists, several surveyors and other professionals who are in charge of the works.

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is especially attentive to water issues, aware that water is a scarce resource and that access to it is difficult in developing countries, which is where the company principally operates. Evidence of this is reflected in the various waste water treatment plants built across different latitudes of our planet, and which have represented a significant qualitative change in the zones where they have been implanted.