Working session with the UN´s World Food Programme

6 November, 2018

On behalf of Incatema Consulting & Engineering, Sergio de Román, Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development and Ana Romero, International Consultant with the company, today attended the working meeting organised by the Spanish Exporters and Investors Club along with Jennifer Nyberg, Director of the Spanish Office of the World Food Programme (WFP), who was also present. During the meeting, the organisation’s activities and potential synergies and lines of collaboration in countries where the WFP carries out its work were addressed. Incatema Consulting & Engineering has signed an agreement with the World Food Programme that runs until December 2019 to deliver a response to engineering and consultancy requests by the agency in areas of design and technical support in Latin America and West Africa. About the World Food Programme (WFP) The WFP is the leading humanitarian organisation in the fight against hunger worldwide, that provides food aid in emergencies and works with communities to improve nutrition and help build resilience. One of the WFP’s strategic lines of action is tackling climate change from the perspective of its impact on hunger and food security. Over the past decade, almost half of the WFP’s emergency and recovery operations have occurred in response to disasters related to climate change.