World Day of Sustainable Engineering: we lay the first stone in L’Azile (Haiti)

4 March, 2021

The World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development was established by UNESCO at its 40th General Conference in November 2019 when the resolution was adopted to proclaim the date of 4th March as “an opportunity to highlight engineers and engineering’s achievements to sustainable development and modern life,” in the words of the UNESCO.

Incatema Consulting & Engineering contributes to sustainability in all its engineering projects by using sustainable equipment that favours the achievement of the SDGs in all countries where it operates.

Sustainable engineering applied to water in L’Azile, Haiti

The symbolic act of laying the first stone of the project to expand and rehabilitate the drinking water system of the city of L’Azile (Haiti) marks the point of departure for this infrastructure, with a budget that reaches 1.4 million euros, funded by the World Development Bank for the National Directorate of Potable Water and the Water Supply of Haiti (DINEPA).

Rehabilitation of the Potable Water System for L’Azile is intended to improve the current system by recovering the existing infrastructure and optimising access to potable water for the city’s 30,240 inhabitants. To do this, the plan is to build within an 8-month period, a network of 10 km of pipes, a tank with a 130 m3 capacity, the complete chlorination system, and also to rehabilitate and protect the river basin, as we previously reported here.

In the words of Juan Luis Marcos, Incatema’s delegate in Haiti “these works represent an advance not only in relation to fulfilling the United Nations’ Development Goal Number 6 to ensure access to clean water and sanitation everywhere in the world, but also a challenge in terms of the use of renewable energies for the benefit of climate change.”