Agricultural projects carried out by Incatema in Africa contribute to this continent economic and social development

25 May, 2022

Celebrating Africa’s day, on May 25th, Incatema points out its contribution to socioeconomic development in this continent, where we have been working for more than 25 years.

Hand in hand with government institutions in the countries where we operate, bilateral and multilateral agencies such as Spanish Cooperation Agency, the EU External Aid Service, the World Bank, African Development Bank, Islamic Development Bank, and some NGO’s such as Agronomist without Borders or AIDA, Incatema works for more than 25 years in various projects aiming at a sustainable and inclusive growth to improve the Africans’ livelihoods.

Agricultural projects aiming at meeting UN SDG and the sustainable climate-resilient growth

Meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals is a must in each project we undertake in Africa.

At present, we carry out several programs that cover all production phases for agriculture, livestock and fisheries.

We point out Angola Commercial Agriculture Development Project, that is ongoing since 2017, where Incatema is involved under various service contracts since 2017. It is a program co-funded by the World Bank and the French Development Agency. Within this project, we work with farmers and agriculture SME to improve their production and make it more commercial-oriented by implementing viable business plans well suited to their activities. The program includes as well trainings to build rural population’s capacities, with special focus on women and youth to facilitate access to quality rural jobs.

In Mauritania we supported an agropastoral program aiming at improving small-scale agriculture resilience. This country is strongly affected by climate change consequences, with long dry spells interrupted by severe floods that harm crops and livestock pasture.

Similarly, we point out our recent work in Zambia, where we’re helping formulate strategies that facilitate transition towards sustainable climate-resilient growth and jobs creation in the framework of a green economy.

Furthermore, we work on improving irrigation schemes in countries where water is a critical resource, such as Malawi or Sao Tomé and Príncipe, where efficient irrigation schemes are needed to improve crops resilience and sustainability.

In the horn of Africa, eastern and southern Africa and the western Indian Ocean, we support technically the blue economy programme ECOFISH, financed by the EU. Our interventions aim at promoting sustainable fisheries, preservation of marine biodiversity and ensuring blue growth in the region.

Ana Romero, head of Consultancy department at Incatema Consulting & Engineering, underlines that this agriculture and fisheries related projects carried out in Africa “contribute to several goals of 2030 agenda, such as SDG 1, aiming at reducing poverty, SDG 2 aiming at zero hunger by improving food and nutritional security, SDG 13 for measures to fight climate change and its effects, SDG 14 aiming at oceans, seas and marine resources preservation and sustainable use and, finally SDG 15, fighting against desertification, stop soils degradation and protecting biodiversity”.