Assembly continues on the Drinking Water Treatment Plant in Foundiougne (Senegal)

5 August, 2020

As part of the drinking water supply project involving the construction of various installations in three Senegalese towns and cities (Kédougou, Foundiougne and Dakar), Incatema Consulting & Engineering has committed to supplying the human and technical resources required for the work.

Incatema’s technical team now in the town of Foundiougne will be responsible for assembling the drinking water treatment plant which, once up and running, will allow the inhabitants of this municipality to obtain bacteria-free, desalinated water, as we report here.

Financed by the National Water Company of Senegal (SONES) and costing 12.8 million euros, the global project is expected to be completed in October, while Foundiougne, the town hardest hit in terms of supply, will have its new installations open in August.