Creating places where we want to live, work and play

7 November, 2018

Each year, World Urbanism Day seeks to highlight the importance of focussing on creating urban spaces that are more comfortable, habitable and sympathetic to human living, and that positively impact the development of different cities. This day presents itself as an opportunity to promote urban planning from a global perspective, where public authorities work first and foremost in the interests of the communities. In celebration of this day, Incatema would like to draw attention to its work in the development of various Spanish and international locations. One of the company’s most emblematic projects is the Auditorio y Conservatorio de Música y Danza de Ferreries (Ferreries Auditorium and Music and Dance Conservatoire) in Menorca, a project that began with a competition for ideas for the construction of a cultural building called by the Town Council, and that is now a reality for the people of Menorca. The Bardón Artacho firm of architects, now integrated into Incatema, won the above-mentioned design competition and developed each phase of the project, starting with the architecture, concept design, feasibility study and project management, all following the strictest safety criteria and the highest environmental standards, qualities that are a hallmark of this company. As well as being a meticulously-executed technical project, the Auditorium also reflects innovative design ideas through the efficient use of space that successfully integrates the town and surrounding green zones as a linking element, permitting a coherent dialogue between them. All the environmental spaces were treated with the utmost respect whilst bringing the concept to fruition, as the town is situated in a natural landscape of great importance. In the words of Javier Bardón Artacho, Director of Architecture at Incatema Consulting & Engineering, “the Auditorium in Ferreries came into being like a dream; like a dream of complicity between the town where it is located and the natural setting that surrounds it”.