Incatema attends the first stone placement for renovation works of Navarrete aqueduct (Dominican Republic)

29 November, 2022

Incatema Consulting & Engineering attended the first stone placement event for the renovation and enlargement works of Navarrete aqueduct, in Santiago province (Dominican Republic), that means the start of key works to improve and refurbish this infrastructure that dates back to 1987.

The symbolic act was carried out by Mr Wellington Arnaud, executive director from the National Institute for Drinking Water and Sanitation (INAPA), a Dominican governmental institution that launched and finances these works.

As we already informed here, Incatema was awarded lot II of this contract through its American subsidiary, part of the aqueduct enlargement project, a contract worth more than 9 million Euro. Incatema will, in consortium with the company J. Fortuna, build, on the one hand a new drinking water treatment plant (ETAP) with quick filtering system to treat up to 300 litres per second and, on the other, water adduction line from the ETAP to the regulation tank.

“This works, as a whole, will improve drinking water supply system to Navarrete inhabitants and its outskirts, totalling more than 150,000 people who will be benefited by improved drinking water pressure, volume and quality at home”, states Fernando Díaz, head of Infrastructures department at Incatema.

These works, just started, will conclude in approximately 26 months.