Incatema begins disassembly of the Cambérène WWTP equipment (Dakar, Senegal)

18 March, 2022

Incatema has started to dismantle the old equipment of the Cambérène WWTP, in Dakar (Senegal), which was in operation, in order to proceed with the assembly of the newly manufactured elements that replace them.

This action forms part of the turnkey project that Incatema Consulting is executing for the National Office of Sanitation of Senegal (ONAS) funded by the Islamic Development Bank with a budget of 32 million euros and which contemplates the design, construction, supply of equipment, functioning tests and commissioning for the extension of the waste water treatment plant (WWTP) of Cambérène, and includes remodelling the area’s former treatment plant which is still functioning.

These works, overall, will service more than 1,685,000 inhabitants and will have an average treatment capacity of 92,000 cubic metres per day, although it will be able to withstand treatment peaks of up to 101,000 cubic metres daily, as we previously reported here.

ONAS ratifies the quality and good progress of the works

The good progress and execution of the works for the WWTP have been ratified by a delegation of the National Office of Water and Sanitation of Senegal (ONAS), led by its general director, Dr. Abaraar Mbaye, who recently visited the installations.

“We have demonstrated to our client that our experience in this sector and our commitment to sustainable development and the environment derives in infrastructure, which uses self-sufficient systems and techniques capable of self-supplying and minimising the use of resources”, affirms Fernando Díaz, Incatema’s director of Infrastructure. This extended and modernised installation will contribute to Senegal’s national programme to decontaminate the North zone of Dakar, an area that suffers from extremely high contamination.