Incatema commissions the entire drinking water network in l’Azile (Haiti) that covers already more than 30,000 people

3 January, 2023

Incatema has completed the entire home linkages of the drinking water network in the town of l’Azile, in Haiti, more than 10 Km of pipes that allow to bring quality water to the inhabitants. This works are part of a network enlargement and rehabilitation project, financed by the World Bank with a budget of 1.4 million Euro. The goal of the project is to guarantee access to drinking water for more than 30,000 people living in this town by rehabilitating existing infrastructure and installing solar panels for a sustainable exploitation, as it was explained here. Building a natural recreational area upon the local authorities’ demand In parallel to the new drinking water network implementation, Incatema has built, upon demand of local authorities, a recreational area with a natural pool that will benefit the neighbours in l’Azile, particularly children. This is part of our company corporate social responsibility to rehabilitate and protect Belvedere basin, a small tributary of Grand Rivière de Nippes, natural catchment source for this project. This action consisted in taking advantage of the water catchment scheme to create a small dam for a spontaneous recreational bathing area. According to Fernando Díaz, head of Infrastructures at Incatema, “our company hereby pursues its social activities and its engagement towards sustainable development, by bringing quality water to the people, where water is a scarce good, difficult to access”.