Incatema Consulting classifies the waste to be received by the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) Mirador Norte La Zurza as adequate.

8 January, 2020

“The waste to be received by the Mirador Norte La Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is assimilable to urban waste water and is therefore suitable for being treated at this plant”. This was declared by the Director of Infrastructures of Incatema Consulting & Engineering, Fernando Díaz, further to the delivery of the results of the study conducted to analyse the chemical composition of the waste arriving from the 54 industries identified, and which could direct their waste water to the Treatment Plant.

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is responsible for the maintenance of the Mirador Norte la Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant until its forthcoming start of operation, and is also responsible for carrying out the study that characterises the type of waste that will arrive at the plant, as already described here.

The Mirador Norte la Zurza Waste Water Treatment Plant, built by the company, is one of the largest in the Caribbean and will service more than 450,000 people situated in the larger area of Santo Domingo. These residents will see an improvement in their quality of life from both a sanitary and environmental point of view, which will also benefit the surroundings.