Incatema hurry along the assembly of electromechanical equipment for the water treatment plants of two hospitals in Haiti

21 April, 2020

Incatema Consulting & Engineering is maximising its efforts to complete execution of two waste water treatment plants for Hospitals in Port-au-Prince and Desachepelles (Haiti), to ensure they are operational as soon as possible so that the hospitals can function at full capacity in the midst of the COVID 19 crisis. The civil works for the two treatment plants have already been completed and despite the obstacles imposed by the health crisis, the supply and assembly of electromechanical equipment is well on the way. Incatema, with its local partner Soheco, continue to do their utmost to complete connection of the electrical equipment and proceed with the functioning tests for this project.

Use of these two purification plants at the Hospitals of Saint Luc de Tabarre in Port-au-Prince and Albert Schweitzer in Deschapelles will represent a quality-of-life improvement for the surrounding areas. Rehabilitation of the existing networks and construction of the two purification plants imply improved quality of the treated water from the hospitals, and in the case of Deschapelles, of water of domestic origin also, which will benefit local residents.

The water treatment plant situated at the Saint Luc de Tabarre Hospital of Port-au-Prince will have the capacity to process 45m3/day of waste water for a population equivalent to 300 inhabitants. Thanks to the construction of a water flow evacuation and infiltration system, the treated water will be evacuated through underground filtration. In the case of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital of Deschapelles the treatment capacity amounts to 57 m3 of water per day, the equivalent for a population of 600 citizens, which in turn has 15 biodigesters that will be rehabilitated to maintain the draining and cleaning activity of the station’s sludge.

In addition to carrying out the relevant functioning tests and commissioning, experts of the company Incatema Consulting & Engineering will provide training to hospital technicians to instruct them on the maintenance and operation of the new systems, general control of the plant, and troubleshooting while offering them basic knowledge on waste water treatment and occupational risk prevention to fulfil its commitments in the countries where it is present, in the midst of a delicate global situation.

Health and the environment in the light of the pandemic

With this project, Incatema demonstrates the importance of sustainable water management as a social asset for environmental protection. In the words of Fernando Díaz, Director of the Infrastructures Area of Incatema Consulting & Engineering, “Construction of these two waste water treatment plants represents a huge advance in health improvement for Port-au-Prince and Deschapelles, two cities with a population of more than 1 million combined obligated to fight against the pandemic in a country where there is difficult access to potable water”.

Further to the maintenance of the installation per se, we must also consider the social benefit of generating awareness regarding the importance of water as a social asset; the waste generated and how to manage it so that it does not affect the environment.