Incatema provides technical assistance in Angola for the holding of the Public-Private Dialogue meetings of the grain and coffee value chains

7 March, 2023

In February, two new Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) meetings took place in Angola as part of the Angolan Government's Commercial Agriculture Development Programme, to which Incatema  provides technical assistance, and which is financed by the World Bank and the French Development Agency. On the one hand, the second PPD of the grain value chain was held in the city of Malanje. It addressed issues related to the establishment of the platforms, development strategies and action plans for the implementation of these strategies. During the meeting, a consensus statement was adopted establishing the governance structure of the platform, which, although initially informal in nature, may in the future be constituted as a formal sectoral organisation if its participants so decide. This meeting in Malanje was attended by 45 people from all public and private actors along the value chain: from the seed sector, through grain producers, agro-industries linked to the production sector, marketers, to research centres and different actors that support agricultural development. The first dialogue, held in October last year, focused on the identification of key actors within the chain and on critical issues (problems and opportunities) in the production marketing processes, as we reported here. The coffee value chain establishes its dialogue platform On the other hand, a meeting has been held in Kwanza Norte, within the framework of the same technical assistance, at the Kilombo Experimental Station to establish the PPD Platform of the coffee value chain. The more than 40 participants included Project actors and stakeholders, as well as representatives of public sector institutions linked to the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, representatives of the Provincial Government, Research Institutes, Banks and private sector actors with direct involvement in the coffee value chain. Key tool for the development of sustainable agribusiness initiatives According to Ana Romero, Director of Consulting at Incatema, "spaces for dialogue between actors in society, such as these platforms, are a determining tool in the development and strengthening of agricultural value chains. The social and economic operators in the chain are so intertwined that the actions of some chain actors have an impact on others. Dialogue platforms are therefore a powerful tool that helps to address complex challenges that could not be tackled individually, constituting an instrument to support and boost the formulation and implementation of public policies". Incatema is the service provider to facilitate the of these dialogue platforms between the different actors in the value chains. In the same line of action as it has done in the grain and coffee value chains, Incatema will also support the development of other public-private dialogues linked to the poultry production sector. The Commercial Agriculture Development Programme supports the Government of Angola in promoting economic diversification through agricultural and rural transformation, stimulating the creation of conditions to boost productivity and competitiveness. Thus, the ultimate goal is that the establishment of the platforms, with their strategies and action plans, will make a significant contribution to the improvement of the agricultural production sector and agribusinesses linked to these specific value chains.