Incatema restarts field work in Malawi with the new agricultural season

4 August, 2022

In the frame of a technical assistance contract to improve agribusiness capacity and irrigation systems sustainability for Malawian agriculture producers, Incatema Consulting & Engineering has restarted working on the field once the new agricultural season opened.

With the new season, Incatema helps producers from six irrigated perimeters to prepare new environmental management plans or update existing ones, with the aim of a more sustainable resource management. Likewise, we’re setting up the basis to reinforce water users’ associations in this country. Such support includes adapted training programs for farmers and producers’ associations.

In Ana Romero’s words, head of Consultancy Department at Incatema, “the work we are carrying out with the agriculture producers’ associations in Malawi is crucial when agriculture is the main subsistence means in a country where seasonality for dry agriculture implies periodical unemployment. A better use of resources and sustainable irrigation practices may improve socioeconomic situation of many rural families”.

This project, with a budget of 1.6 million Euro, is financed by the European Union, contracted by the EDF National Authorising Officer, the Ministry of Finances, Economic Planning and Development in Malawi, as explained here.