Incatema to provide technical assistance to producer organisations in relation to agribusiness and the sustainability of irrigation systems in Malawi

17 December, 2020

The consortium made up of Incatema Consulting & Engineering and AGRER (Belgium) will execute over the course of the next 36 months the project of technical assistance to improve capacities in agribusinesses and the sustainability of the irrigation systems of agricultural producer organizations in Malawi. This project is funded by the EU, on whose behalf the Support Unit for the National Authoriser of the EDF, of the Ministry of Finance, Economic Planning and Development of Malawi, is acting with the objective of ensuring the implementation of environmental management plans.

The contract, which amounts to 1,599,500 euros, as well as improving the capacity of said organizations to support interventions in irrigation-related matters as a business model, includes the management of harvests. It also contemplates the execution of feasibility studies for the sites selected in the Irrigation Master Plan, for use by the public and private agents for a sustainable development of irrigated farming. The Department of Irrigation of the Government of Malawi is seeking through this initiative to increase the studies of financeable projects for medium and large scale irrigation systems.

The provision of technical assistance on the part of Incatema Consulting & Engineering intends moreover to offer technical support for irrigation associations regarding the development of cooperatives, agribusinesses, and the empowerment of associated irrigation farmers. In a first phase, the capacities and competencies of each existing irrigation association and cooperative will be assessed. This will allow for a solid organization of farming extension services to reach the largest possible number of farmers through the training of trainers.

At the same time, community capacities for the management of harvests will be reinforced, including interventions on alternative means of subsistence. Water harvest inspections for irrigation will be prepared and a training program will be designed with adapted content.