Incatema starts providing drinking water supply to Foundiougne (Senegal)

26 April, 2022

Incatema started the supply of drinking water to Foundiougne (Senegal) once the operational tests have been completed for the drinking water treatment plant built within a project launched by the Senegalese National Water Corporation (SONES).

Water treatment carried out in this desalination plant is based in a pre-treatment and reverse osmoses for fluoride and chloride, with a capacity of 70 m3 /h. Thanks to this infrastructure, Foundiougne inhabitants will have quality drinking water.

Access to clean water thanks to three treatment plants built by Incatema

Foundiougne desalination plant is one of three drinking water treatment plants that Incatema builds in Senegal along with Kedougou (commissioned in June 2021) and the deferrization and water treatment plant in Lymodak (Dakar, Senegal), commissioned in November 2020.

The three plants are part of an integral project signed with SONES for 12.8 million Euro, whose aim is to improve livelihoods and health conditions for populations living in Foundiougne, Kedougou and a specific sector of the Senegalese capital, as explained here.

Fernando Díaz, head of infrastructure department at Incatema Consulting & Engineering, points out the importance of these infrastructures for sustainable development in “a country where nearly 70% of its population has no access to safe water sources”.