Provisional handover of the works to improve the potable water supply in Kédougou (Senegal)

28 April, 2021

Incatema Consulting & Engineering has provisionally handed over to SONES the works to improve the potable water supply in the city of Kédougou (Senegal) whose main objective is to improve the health conditions and quality of life of 150,000 people. The Potable Water Treatment Plant (PWTP) of Kéduougou forms part of a global project financed by the Senegalese National Water Company (SONES), with an investment of more than 12.8 million euros for three projects situated in Kédougou, Foundiougne and Dakar.

This PWTP has the capacity to produce 90 m3/h, through the classical process of decantation, filtration and disinfection. In addition to building the PWTP per se, Incatema Consulting & Engineering has executed a large elevated tank made of reinforced concrete with a 500 m3 capacity; an intake from the river Gambia situated 14 Km away from the city; a pumping station and a reservoir with a 50,000 m3 capacity. At the same time, the company has supplied the human and technical resources and equipment required for all the works.

The conclusion of the Kédougou project will allow this sector’s inhabitants to enjoy a significant improvement in the quality of the water supplied, in a country where 69% of the population does not have access to safe sources of water, while demand is increasing by five to six percent each year and consumption per capita is 25 litres, below the minimum 35 l recommended by the World Health Organisation (WHO), as previously reported here.