Representatives of Incatema attend the Day Event on Water, Agriculture and Food

13 December, 2018

Yesterday, José María Arribas, Director General, and Sergio de Román, Director of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development at Incatema Consulting & Engineering, attended the Day Event on Water, Agriculture and Food, organised by the Social Council of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM) together with the Holy See and the FAO, that took place at the School of Agricultural, Food and Biosystems Engineering. The trends and challenges facing these three key sectors for social development were addressed at this highly productive meeting.

Under the slogan We are building tomorrow, representatives of the FAO in Spain, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the Water Observatory of the Botín Foundation, Spain’s Royal Academy of Engineering, the World Food Programme, Spain’s Royal Academy of Gastronomy and the UPM’s Research and Study Centre for the Management of Agricultural and Environmental Risks participated in a series of symposia that took place through the course of the day.

Most notable amongst topics broached were the challenges facing agriculture, water and food throughout the world, and also the use of emerging technologies to achieve sustainable water management in agriculture.  A debate was also launched on issues concerning the future of food in the world, and also the social challenges relating to this.

In the words of José María Arribas, Director General of Incatema, “This event highlights the work of all experts in issues concerning water, agriculture and food who are seeking to provide a solution to the challenges outlined in the 2030 Agenda’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The unfair distribution of water resources directly linked to agricultural production makes the search for more efficient technologies and the better management and handling of water resources inevitable, along with intensive activity to raise awareness and provide comprehensive training in line with every need, country and continent. The cross-sectorial approach of the activities that are being carried out and the necessary intervention of multiple actors related to water availability, for both agricultural as well as urban use, require investment, innovation and ingenuity. But also necessary is the development of sustainable projects aligned with the 2030 Agenda Goals, schemes such as our company has been implementing since its very beginnings, working in developing countries in the most arid regions that suffer the greatest problems for accessing water in the world”.

During its trajectory, Incatema has centred its efforts on developing projects that contribute to the development of communities in which it has a presence and is involved in many areas of work, that include water, agriculture and food.