The 4th Public-Private Dialogue Meeting for poultry value chain in Angola has been held, as part of CADP, with Incatema technical support

3 November, 2023

The fourth meeting of the Public-Private Dialogue (PPD) Platform for eggs and poultry value chain took place in Cuanza Norte province, Angola. Active members of this platform's leadership (created to promote collaboration between public and private stakeholders involved in the production, transportation, storage, processing, and marketing of poultry products), gathered for this event.

With Incatema technical support, the meeting aimed at discussing the development and financing of specific action plans. These plans are designed to support and develop projects impacting on different stakeholders along the value chain. Said plans are focused on addressing critical issues in egg and chicken production, such as improving production practices, strengthening transportation and storage facilities, and promoting these products in the market.

The dialogues of the different Public-Private Dialogue Platforms in Angola's agricultural value chains are part of the Commercial Agriculture Development Program (CADP). This program’s purpose is to promote the development of the agricultural sector, strengthen cooperation between the government and companies involved in agricultural production, encouraging economic diversification through agricultural and rural transformation, and creating conditions to boost productivity and competitiveness. Incatema's technical assistance to these platforms began in 2022 and will go on until May 2024, as previously reported here.