Work on the Port-au-Prince pumping station in Haiti is advancing well

26 November, 2018

Incatema Consulting is continuing to make good progress with the pumping station works in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, that consist of implementing and connecting eight boreholes to the water network system in the Metropolitan Area of Port-au-Prince, that are located on both banks of the Rivière Grise water course in the municipalities of Croix des Bouquets (on the right riverbank) and Pétion-Ville (on the left riverbank).

The priority works to boost drinking water production in part of the Haitian capital are progressing with the simultaneous installation of pipes that carry water from the 8 boreholes to the pumping station, and from here in turn to different zones in Port-au-Prince.

The expected water volume flow rate from these eight boreholes is 32,000 m3/d with an average flow per unit of 4,000 m3/d (from 3,750 to 4,800 m3/d). Water is pumped from the boreholes to the Tabarre Pumping Station located in this municipality, which comprises two plants that will ensure water is pumped to two tanks, one located in Delmas, where a volume flow rate of at least 32,000 m3/d will be received, and another in Vivy Mitchell, in Pétion-Ville, whose approximate volume flow rate will also be 32,000 m3/d in the initial phase, with plans to reach 45,000 m3/d in a subsequent phase.

The Vivy Mitchell tank will have a control volume of 2,000 m3 and will be built at an elevation of 236 m. It will be used, in the initial phase, to supply water by means of gravity to the lower part of the network in this zone via the Vivy Mitchell distribution pipeline. It will also serve as both an emergency and additional volume of water that can be delivered to the network system supplied by the Tunnel Frères and Doco springs, making it possible to obtain approximately 8,000 m3/d extra.

Plans are that 6 of the 8 boreholes should operate simultaneously, giving a volume of 24,000 m3/d.

In the words of Fernando Díaz, Head of Infrastructures at Incatema, “This work will deliver a considerable improvement in the living conditions of the people in the region, given that it will markedly increase the healthiness, wholesomeness and consistent regular availability of the drinking water supplied.”

Incatema has already tripled the volume of water flow at the Mariani pumping station, as we reported in this news item.