Arrival in Dakar of the mechanical units that will make up the Waste Water Treatment Plant of Cambérène

8 October, 2020

The project for executing the Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) of Cambérène (Senegal) has entered a new phase with the transportation to this African country of the set of mechanical equipment that will make up this infrastructure. Incatema has proceeded to load, check on board and unload at the Port of Dakar with transportation to the site, the pumping equipment and digested sludge agitators which have been manufactured in Germany, along with the worm gear manufactured in the Czech Republic and that will be used to elevate the raw waste water that will arrive at the treatment station. The transport has also included the equipment corresponding to the decanter bridges, thickeners, grilles and screens, along with the wall sluices, motorised sluices, and canal sluices, all of which have been manufactured in Spain.

Once this equipment reaches Cambérène, an area of the Dakar district, Incatema will continue to assemble it to constitute a Waste Water Treatment Plant that once in operation will service more than 52,000 inhabitants, with an average treatment capacity of 92,000 cubic metres per day, although it will be able to withstand treatment peaks of up to 101,000 cubic metres daily.

At the same time, agreements have recently been established with various specialist suppliers to manufacture other equipment such as the sludge centrifuges either with centrifuge pumps or the use of thickening tables, all of the elevation equipment that needs to be installed within the buildings, such as hoists or gantry cranes, the rotating disk microfiltration equipment for tertiary treatment, the equipment that blows in air for the biogas treatment, and the units for preparation of the polyelectrolyte used in the process of dehydrating the treated sludges. The contracts have already been signed and manufacture of all units has begun, such that within a period of two to four months they will be ready for delivery.

This action is encompassed within the turnkey project that Incatema Consulting is executing for the Islamic Development Bank with a budget of 32 million euros and which contemplates the design, construction, supply of equipment, functioning tests and commissioning for the remodelling and extension of the area’s treatment plant, as previously reported here