Celebrating world architecture day

7 October, 2019

On the occasion of world architecture day and world habitat day we would like to report on three of the most emblematic projects of Incatema Consulting & Engineering, built after obtaining first prize in their respective competitions for ideas.

CEFOPESCAS Basic Fishing Training School (Luanda, Angola)

A teaching complex, promoted by the Government of Angola, to train middle-level officers in the trades related to the fisheries sector. A series of complementary buildings are articulated around the Main Building of classrooms plus tutor and administrative offices, comprising further training facilities (laboratories), equipment (kitchen, canteen, changing rooms, sports zones...) and residences for both students and teachers. Attention to the characteristics of the location’s climate and its specific conditions, on account of its proximity to the sea, condition the buildings’ design and types of construction. Thus, heavy exposure to the sun is avoided, and natural air circulation is favoured along with the maximum durability of the materials used, reducing their maintenance to a minimum.

Peña Prieta Health Centre (Madrid)

As a solution to the site’s conditioning factors, the entire programme is concentrated into two perpendicular wings, facing the Altos de Cabrejas and the Sierra de Filabres streets. The fact that precisely this last street allows for an increased height of construction makes it especially ideal for housing the main block of physicians’ offices, with the other wing accommodating the administrative support zone and other medical areas.

This layout makes it possible for the physicians’ offices to receive sunlight from the north (very suitable for work spaces) at the same time as looking onto a wide open pedestrian space, placing it in ideal conditions of lighting and acoustic protection. To the south, sunny and with views of the central landscaped patio, we find the waiting rooms. Access and communication shafts at the intersection of the two wings, facilitate and shorten travel distances to a maximum.

Auditorium and conservatory of Ferreries (Menorca)

Assuming its condition as a palafitte, the project is conceived as two blind elements floating in the air - the auditorium and the conservatory - shaping the space between them: an open-air auditorium. A taula that, due to the lightness of its support, does not take over the surrounding space, but rather allows it to flow. This condition of transparency is not only favoured by the nature of the supports, the physiognomy of this outdoor auditorium itself transform the building into a great Polyphemus... a Cyclope through whose one eye the city and the park mutually observe each other.