Incatema carries out the commissioning of the Cambérène Wastewater Treatment Plant (Senegal)

29 March, 2023

Incatema has started the commissioning process of the Cambérène Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), north of Dakar (Senegal). This process consists mainly of checking the correct operation of all the parameters of the WWTP. Once all the facilities have been checked for correct operation, the WWTP will definitely start treating wastewater this year.

The treatment plant will serve a population centre of more than 1.6 million inhabitants, with an average treatment capacity of 92,000 m3 per day, and will be able to handle peaks of up to 101,000 m3 per day.

This action is part of the turnkey project that Incatema has carried out for the National Sanitation Office of Senegal (ONAS), with a budget of 32 million euros financed by the Islamic Development Bank. The project involved the design, construction, equipment supply, testing and commissioning of the extension of the Cambérène waste water treatment plant.

Promoting the Senegalese Environmental Plan

Recently, Senegalese authorities visited the plant and expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the work carried out and the positive environmental impact it will have on the surroundings, which means a new boost to the Senegalese government's Environmental Plan that aims to reduce pollution in the north of Dakar and increase the healthiness of the population. The WWTP will be a key factor in the circular economy: it will contribute to the improvement of the environment and ensure more sustainable water management and improved sanitation, as pursued in the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 6.

As Mr Fernando Díaz, Director of Infrastructures at Incatema, points out, "as a result of our experience in the sector and our commitment to sustainable development and the environment, we have designed an extension to the WWTP in which the use of self-sufficient systems is a priority, so that the WWTP is capable of self-supplying and thus gaining in efficiency and sustainability. We are very satisfied with the result and the contribution we are making to improve the quality of life of the people living in this region of sub-Saharan Africa.