Public-Private Dialogue meetings regarding the poultry and grain value chains held in Angola, with the technical assistance of Incatema

20 April, 2023

Two new public-private dialogue (PPD) meetings have recently been held in Angola under the Commercial Agriculture Development Programme (PDAC), financed by the World Bank and the French Development Agency, with technical assistance of Incatema. On this occasion, the actors involved in the grain and poultry production value chains met.

These public-private dialogue meetings aim at developing agribusiness by improving cooperation between public entities, industry, producer associations and other relevant actors in this field, as we have already reported here.

In this sense, the actors of the poultry production value chain met in Waku Kungo in order to establish a dialogue platform to identify the main strategies that contribute to solving critical problems by promoting an agricultural and rural transformation that boosts the productivity and competitiveness of this chain.

The poultry sector has a potential for growth due to high demand

"The potential of poultry production in Angola depends on the development of businesses with import price competitiveness. This can be achieved when the availability of poultry feed rations throughout the year is assured without great variability of these foods market prices", says Ana Romero, Consulting Director at Incatema.

During this meeting, several needs were also addressed: to improve the cold chain and the distribution transport; to improve the access to bank credit and to expand the training of poultry technicians. The public-private dialogues promoted by PDAC with the assistance of Incatema address these challenges in order to channel the efforts of both government and private entities towards initiatives to support small producers to help alleviating these deficits.

The production of beans, maize and soya beans is a key element to Angola's food security

The grain value chain platform has held its third public-private dialogue meeting at Fazenda Mati, Cela, and Cuanza Suly. At this meeting, the members of the platform's management bodies were elected and work was done on the action plans proposed by the participants. They included, among others, the organisation of a seed fair, the promotion of the use of existing financial instruments for commercial agreement transactions and the improvement of access routes to production areas.

Similarly to the poultry production, Angola produces grains below capacity due to factors such as the lack of investment, technology and infrastructure. This third meeting addressed these issues, as well as the importance of the production of maize, beans, soya and other grains for the food security of the population and its economy. This is why, through the PDAC, initiatives such as the distribution of high quality seeds to farmers, the improvement of irrigation infrastructures and the training of farmers in advanced agricultural techniques are being promoted.