Taking part in the EU´s assessment of marketing and quality standards

15 April, 2019

In the context of a European consortium led by the Areté group, Incatema Consulting & Engineering will be carrying out the assessment of the marketing and quality standards promoted by the Directorate General for Agriculture in the European Union. The purpose of this initiative is to ensure standardisation, along with the quality and food safety of products marketed in the European Union.

This regulation aims to facilitate trade and food distribution and to ensure that all marketed products offer consumers the same level of food safety and quality.

Incatema will carry out the assessment in the case of Spain, and the products analysed will be the following: pork meat, lamb, fowl, eggs, milk, olive oil, fruit and vegetables (both fresh and processed).

The assessment to be carried out by Incatema Consulting & Engineering will consist of three main phases:

A documentary analysis, bibliographical study of current legislation and regulations, and the inclusion of this European regulation in the Spanish legislation. An online survey among all chain operators.

In-depth interviews with key actors such as the Public Administrations, inter-professional or cooperative organisations. In this way, Incatema Consulting will analyse both the positive and negative impacts that these standards have on all food chain processes. In this regard, technical aspects will be verified, such as the presentation, labelling, or conservation methods of products distributed to citizens of the EU.

Thanks to these standards and regulatory compliance, the end consumer is offered a quality guarantee from all actors intervening in the food chain.