Incatema delivers training to ONAS technicians who are going to operate Cambérène Wastewater Treatment Plant (Senegal)

21 December, 2023

Incatema delivered a training course for technicians from the Senegalese National Sanitation Office (ONAS) on the proper operation of the Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) in Cambérène, which the company has built in the northern part of Dakar, Senegal capital. The purpose of this training is to build the capacity of maintenance staff of the WWTP to ensure that the plant operates smoothly and efficiently, both automatically and manually.

Cambérène WWTP Training Program spanned over five days, covering various stages of wastewater treatment. “Firstly, we addressed primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment, as well as sludge treatment and digestion. Next, we covered biogas production and treatment, that will be used to generate electrical energy,” says Fernando Díaz, Infrastructures Department Director at Incatema.

Subsequently, practical and theoretical training was provided in ATEX (explosive atmospheres) since biogas generated in anaerobic digestion (mostly methane) is highly flammable. Therefore, all areas within the scope of its handling, whether electromechanical equipment or operations, must adhere to strict international regulations. Additional training was also delivered on safety, occupational hygiene and environment protection.

The course included as well hands-on training in the operation of all panels and mechanisms controlling the plant's treatment processes, as well as an introduction to the hardware part. Training was complemented with an explanation of the operation, control, and maintenance procedures of the cogeneration system by an expert from Siemens, the cogeneration engines supplier.

Cambérène WWTP will be connected to the submarine outfall built by Incatema in Dakar. This infrastructure, funded by the Islamic Development Bank, will facilitate the ultimate dilution of treated wastewater at sea, after being previously cleaned and purified in the treatment plant, as mentioned here. The treatment station is part of an ambitious project of the Senegalese government to decontaminate the northern part of Dakar in line with the objectives of the United Nations' 2030 Agenda.